Dream - Priscilla Ahn - Karaoke Version **no harmony** Acoustic Instrumental

UPDATE!!!!: Oh wow! I didn't realize so many people have checked this out! If anyone wants to use this for anything feel free. I love the covers people have made with it! Using the video is fine too, whatever you want, it's chill! Have fun!

I figured why should I have all the fun? Now anyone who wants to can sing!

As my usual disclaimer, this is not some official karaoke track or anything. I know I'm not the best at guitar by a long shot, but I have tried to do my best. Please sing to it and be merry.

This version does not include the vocal harmonies. If you are looking for a version with the vocal harmonies present, I have added a version with harmonies included:

Feel free to check out me singing this cover ;D

Don't forget to enjoy and have fun!

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